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Mind Astray / Gone Past


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Copyright 2018 © Alexandre
Gosselin; All rights reserved

Mind Astray / Gone Past

The incident happens on June 13, 1901, at around 6PM, in the Redpath’s mansion at 1065 Sherbrooke, Montreal.

Two or three shots are heard.

Peter Whiteford Redpath finds them.

Ada Maria Mills Redpath and Jocelyn Clifford Redpath bathe in their own blood.

Peter calls the police.

Following the coroner’s investigation, it was concluded that ‘Cliff’ murdered his mother during an epileptic crisis, which made him go temporarily insane, before turning the revolver on himself.

About 24 hours after the tragic incident, the verdict was approved, the bodies were buried and the case was closed.

An odd end to an odd story.

However, the conclusive report was undeniably omitting some crucial facts.

I reopened the case.


It has been weeks since… No conclusive evidence.

To be fair, I think I already figured out what happened, but how can I prove it? How can I justify this theory based solely on simple intuition?

And all those threads across the room… are they getting me closer to my goal? Or are they just symbolizing my mind going astray?


My ultimate delving attempt was when I decided to visit the remains of the Redpath’s empire.

Just remains. Nothing else.

What was once the family’s emblematic sugar refinery has now been converted into cheap-looking housing.

As for the ancestral house, the whole story vanished with it. It’s now a tall monotonous office tower, a monument for mediocrity.

Less than a mile from there, a dull vacant lot is sitting on other Redpath ruins.

It’s as if the truth was buried along the rest of the Redpath’s patrimonial heritage.