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Unfinished Business
Unresolved Memories
Hypermodern Poetry


Mind Astray / Gone Past


Digital Alchemy
American Narcolepsy
Earth as a Canvas



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Gosselin; All rights reserved

Unresolved Memories


''Unresolved Memories'' is a photographic project in which pictures of personal journeys are fused and altered, offering a false recollection of events.

    Memories act as vessels of the past and serve as anchors in time, but what happens when those memories contaminate each other, when they are altered in their very essence? Forms intertwine, colours shift, the line between fabrication and truth is blurred; senses of space and time dissolve in an amalgam of nuances in the broader spectrum of reality.

    In the pictures presented in this body of work, it becomes hard to distinguish specific events as they are all linked together under a certain mood. The alteration, juxtaposition or superimposition of images then offers new narratives and disrupts the very essence of what was originally experienced. We are left with a chimera of events that never truly happened; fragments of a puzzle that was never resolved.

    In a world where colourful veils enhance our online presence, this body of work then interrogates the veracity of our lives and how it is shaped by our idiosyncratic drive.

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